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Not only do we have parts for your boat, but we also have model boats for your house. The handmade, one-off model boats we stock come in many designs: Deadrise, Skipjack, Flattie, Drake Tail, Tuck Stern, Duck Blinds, and others.

The Deadrise "At Last" is a local Rock Hall workboat. The crew commissioned the model for the Captain.

Need to get up your mast? Just hoist the Mastlift on the halyard of your choice. Easily lift yourself. Hands free work when you get to the target height. Lower yourself slowly and easily.

SWI-TEC Mastlift 13m - SOLD

SWI-TEC Mastlift - Motor / Boat Lift

...and can be used as a Motor or Boat Lift too!

Motor Lift
SWI-TEC Mastlift - Motor / Boat Lift